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Awesome!  You have made your first decision to work with Search and Rescue.  You are on your way to some awesome adventures, experiences, and knowledge.  Before you get into the field, you must be Callout Qualified(CQ).  Callout Qualified enables search and rescue members to go on emergency callouts without being trained as a field team member.  It basically means you won’t kill yourself or others when you go into the field for the first time.  As a CQ, you will be a supporting role who works under a field team member or field team leader.

How to Become Callout Qualified

There are a few steps needed to gain your CQ before you can get out in the field.  This may change state to state.

  • Complete all the “paperwork” for your team(registration, liabilities, background checks)
  • Complete NIMS IS-100 and NIMS IS-700
  • PaWSAR requires CQ’s to come to a minimum of three training exercises before they can get in the field.
  • Have a prepared pack list of personal equipment:
    • Appropriate clothing and shoes(be aware of seasons)
    • Two water bottles of 1-2 liters
    • Two large black plastic bags
    • Headlamp and one second source of light
    • Compass(Orienteering type)
    • waterproof notebook and pen/pencil
    • Day pack to carry everything in
    • lighter or waterproof matches
    • Knife
    • personal first aid kit
    • Whistle
    • two pairs of non-latex gloves
    • leather gloves
    • eye protection

Pretty simple right?  We agree!  We want you participating as soon as you can so long as you can be safe.